What is a press release?

A press release is an official statement issued by an organization to the media and other relevant stakeholders. It is designed to announce something newsworthy, such as a product launch, event, achievement, or significant change within the company.

The primary purpose of a press release is to generate media coverage and public interest in the subject matter. Press releases are typically structured in a specific format, including a headline, dateline, introduction (which summarizes the key points), body paragraphs (providing details and context), a boilerplate (which gives background information about the organization), and contact information for media inquiries.

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Distribute your press release to the right people.  Generally, you’ll want to research your target audience first.  Are they reading newspapers like the Chicago Tribune or New York Timess?

Then, research and choose the right press release distribution service.  Not every outlet reaches the same organizations.  Then, write, proof, and proof again.  It would be quite embarrassing to have spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc.

Depending on which service you go with, press release’s could cost anywhere from $75-250, depending on the service and number of outlet’s that service reaches.

Great question!  If you have a new product or service you are about to launch; maybe your company won an award, or will be presenting at a major event soon.  Just remember, it takes time to generate links and exposure to those links, so the sooner you can publish a press release, the better.