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Is Facebook Advertising Effective?

Facebook has more than a billion active users and half of them log in on a daily basis. Through Facebook advertising, you can be sure to reach any particular segment.

Conventional advertising models are expensive and difficult to reach a narrow target. Facebook advertising is one option that can get you results and target specific user groups. You may be the local beauty parlor, restaurant or a Fortune 500 organization, but Matt Knopoff Design will show how to build your brand equity through Facebook advertising.

Consider these ideal scenarios:

You own a local restaurant and wish to target those who are recently engaged to be married for their catering business. Just locate the women with the relationship status of “engaged” on Facebook and you have your desired segment with Facebook Ads.

There is a birthday special that your restaurant is offering (i.e. similar to a Portillo’s cake).  Your Facebook ads would be displayed only to those who have birthdays using a custom audience.

An event is being organized and you wish to target local college graduates, who are single and within a specific age range. You can select this detailed targeting when creating your ad set.

Facebook Advertising Costs

-Facebook Advertising on average is MUCH cheaper than Google PPC (Adwords).

-According to the 2010 Social Media Report from Foresee, 69% of online shoppers regularly use social media sites.

-Facebook PPC and Facebook PPI are the two ways to advertise on Facebook site

MK Design can help you decide which type would give you maximized returns for your investment.

Here are sample advertisements I can create for you:

Craving Italian Food?

Come visit our new Pizza kitchen in downtown Miami Beach sitting ocean-side. We specialize in Authentic Italian Cuisine. ‘Like’ us on Facebook and receive 20% off your next visit OR a FREE app!

Audience: You are targeting people age 18 and older in Miami Beach, FL, Daytona Beach FL, Hollywood FL, and Fort Lauderdale FL. who “like” Italian Food. In addition to the above criteria, the ad can be scheduled for display only during lunch hours or during dinner hours.

Planning Your Dream Chicago Wedding

We can help alleviate your stress! Read reviews and find great discounts on dresses, flowers, caterer and photos. Sign Up FREE by clicking below!

Audience: You are targeting women age 18 and older who are in a relationship or engaged in Chicago who have “liked” wedding pages.

Textbook Store

We have cheaper textbooks than anyone else! Facebook users get 25% off thru Friday!   Browse our vast selection for next semester now.

Audience: Targeting students 18 and older attending local colleges. You can further narrow this to specific colleges, by choosing them from the list of colleges provided.

Not quite your niche?  See more examples here.

At MK Design, I can help in Facebook advertising by using targeted demographics, which help you to zoom in to your target market with total accuracy.

Facebook Advertising

Many claim to be a Facebook advertising expert when all they really know is how to use Facebook to post and obtain ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

MK Design is your Facebook advertising expert in Mundelein and can advise you on how to harness the power of social networking sites. I will show you how to design, develop and promote your brand through Facebook marketing.

Advertising Targeting

So, who can you target for your ads?

Great question!

There are a few different parameters to keep in mind.  I’ve outlined them below:

Location targeting – I can target your Facebook advertising by zip code, city/town, state, or a radius (5-50 miles).  Note, Facebook does limit it’s ad sets to target up to 25 locations. The platform will kick out an estimated number of people within that area, along with an estimated number of clicks/leads based on your other targeting details.

Age group targeting – the minimum age Facebook will allow you to target is 13 years old, while it’s maximum is 65+.

Gender targeting – you’ve got two options here. Male and/or female.

Interest-based targeting – this option is almost limitless.  Any data that a user gives Facebook on their personal profile can be used for targeting.  Examples: business owner, veteran, top 5% income, Millennium Park, marital status, employer, etc.

Platform targeting – the last option to select is where you want your ads to display.  By default, Facebook, Audience Network, and Messenger are selected.

Note: IF you want Instagram to be a valid selection, you must connect that platform manually via Business Manager or your Page.

You can select a combination of the options above, and Facebook will tell you if there are any errors (i.e. you cannot run Audience Network ads if Facebook itself is not checked).


The cost of Facebook ads varies depending on factors like your target audience, ad format, bidding strategy, and overall competition in the ad auction. You can set an overall budget for your ads, choosing between daily or lifetime budgets, and Facebook will charge you based on the number of impressions (CPM), clicks (CPC), or other actions (e.g., conversions) your ads generate.

A minimum suggested budget is $500, but that could increase depending on your target location(s), number of campaigns, and length of ads.

Facebook offers advanced targeting options that allow advertisers to reach specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and even custom audiences (such as website visitors, folks who viewed your Facebook page, and other sources). You can create highly tailored audiences based on criteria like age, gender, location, interests, job title, income, and more.

Facebook offers various ad formats to suit different marketing objectives, including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, lead ads, and more. Each format has its own advantages and is suitable for different types of content and campaign goals.

You can also launch retargeting ads.  These are used when a user views a slideshow or video, but does not take an action.  Retargeting ads (which is a custom audience) allows you a second chance.

Yes, Facebook has specific guidelines and policies regarding the content and targeting ads on its platform. For example, you cannot run an ad targeting someone’s race or sexual orientation.  Violating these policies can result in ad rejection, account suspension, or other penalties. It’s essential to ‘stay within the lines’ with Facebook’s advertising policies and ensure that your ads comply with them to avoid any issues.

Yes!  If your Facebook page is connected to Instagram, you can run ads on both platform via Ads Manager.

It’s highly recommended to have a Page on Facebook and a profile on Instagram to fully reach the audience you are targeting.

Then you will need an ads manager account (located within Business Manager), and a credit card on file for auto billing.

IF you are running ads for political use, Facebook will have you verify your identity first.

For experienced users (and depending how many campaigns or ad sets are needed, roughly 10-20 minutes to set everything up.  Running ads isn’t a ‘set it up and leave it’ sort of project.  Gaining clicks or leads takes time to optimize, ensuring your audience (and message) are correct, and keeping your CPC low.

A meta pixel is a piece of code you can generate within Business Manager.  This code is to be placed on your website, and allows you to pull user data to be used for retargeting.

Generating the code is fairly easy; then you’ll need to apply it to your site, and then verify it’s added properly (otherwise the code won’t gather data).

Although you can use the data this pixel will gather, you cannot export said data out of the Facebook platform.

Yes.  You can ‘share assets’ with other users who have a Facebook account.  You will need their Business Manager ID to complete this.  Once accepted, the user(s) can see and analyze your ads.

When it comes to launching ads, there are a few limitations regarding targeting and the ads themselves.

You cannot target folks based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  If you are a repeat offender, Facebook will restrict your ads account.

In terms of the ads themselves, you cannot mention anything about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  Your image cannot contain more than 30% text, and you cannot use foul language.