Did you just launch a new website and want to create a promotional video, but feel your skills are sub-par?  There’s no reason to feel lost or overwhelmed.

Explainer videos are an easy, interactive way to show potential clients what type of business you are.  Just remember this: the larger brands will also utilize explainer videos when launching a new service or product.

Explainer videos (aka video animation services) are the best way to quickly explain your services to your potential client base in a short amount of time.

I mean, who wants to read long pieces of text?

As a leading explainer video Mundelein production firm, I handle the entire process – from conception, scripting, production, publishing and marketing them to your target audience.

Explainer video infographic | explainer video infographic

I'm sold! What are my next steps?

There are two aspects of an explainer video script: the story itself and how you decide to tell that story. The story is the foundation of it all, so nailing that first is imperative

Voices are powerful tools that can transcend barriers like low literacy and geography, allowing you to reach an equally tremendous audience

Engaging explainer videos are short and succinct. They get to the point quickly, usually within 60 to 90 seconds. And, they’re visually compelling

Upload your video(s) to YouTube or Vimeo to get found.  A good title, description, custom thumbnail, and tags help you go a long way